KCDLabel mini-FAQ

1. Is there a binary distribution of KCDLabel ?

Yes, there is a RPM of the program maintained by Hio. It is available at the KCDLabel homepage.

2. I get errors when compiling KCDLabel-0.1. What's wrong ?

The problem is related to particular version of the compiler gcc. When using egcs, you get only some warnings (related to STL const problems), but when using gcc 2.95.x which is more strict than egcs, you'll get errors in place of the warnings. The problems (warnings/bugs) have been corrected in version 0.2.

3. I get errors during link. It complains about libqimgio.so.0. What's wrong ?

KCDLabel depends on the QTImageIO extension library. By default, this library is not build as part of QT. You have to go in $(QTDIR)/extensions/imageio/ and launch the make processus from there. It will build the libqimgio.so.0, and you could then relink KCDLabel. In all case, you can check the QT documentation.

4. I've installed QT, but not KDE. Can I use KCDLabel ?

No. You must have at least the KDE libraries. The program relay on some KDE functions.

5. I'm running Debian; "configure" complains over QT libraries or QT includes. What's wrong ?

In Debian, the locations of the QT include/libs are a bit different than in other distributions. You can pass parameters to "configure" to specify the locations of the QT include/libraries. For example :

6. When I issued a make command, GCC complains about missing KDE headers. What's wrong ?

A lot of people encounters this kind of problem and it is related to a wrong configuration in their system. Launch the configure script and look at "checking for KDE libraries..." line. It must be something like "/opt/kde2/lib, headers /opt/kde2/headers". If not, check the KDEDIR environement variable and set it to the correct path of your KDE 2 system. Note that this variable have to be set for all the KDE programs that you compile on your system...