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My name is Pascal Panneels (nickname "PeP"); I was born on 21/01/1973.
I've got a Master Degree in Computer Science from the Université Libre de Bruxelles.
I'm working as network engineer and security advisor at Belnet, a governmental institution managing the Belgian Research Network.
I'm living in Brussels, Belgium.

I'm using Linux since 1993 (whow, it is a long time ago now !); I like to experiment lot of things under this wonderful OS ! (thanks Linus ;-) )

I like to play video games ( Quake like mainly ), to go to the movies (and look at DVD at home !), to read (a lot of different things, from the last Stephen King's book to a Python manual...), to surf on the Internet, to drink (too much!) beer with all my good friends... and have a lot of fun with my wife Isabelle !

You can drop me an email at pascal.panneels@skynet.be or contact me on ICQ (36362041, PeP).

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